Monday, February 6, 2017

Looking out on this new landscape of worry and confusion They tell us many things, but it’s merely an illusion. Whether white picket fence or cinderblock wall Our pasts may be different but our future is on call All of the sudden, what was solid is weak A crumbled foundation, A dried up creek Waged war on our differences, our bodies, our rights How could the people, not put up a fight War seemed so far off but now, it feels like a looming countdown So here we stand on shaky ground; Shaky Ground, Shaky Ground, what once was lost is now found For I have the courage to stand up and fight No fear of waiting, no time to lose sight Grab your signs and stand up for the call Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews, We speak with you, and for you we stand tall We stand up to these dictators These tyrants, these fools No matter how they came to rule Our minds are open, our eyes no longer shut The world has come together, to fight this against this mutt A war on the world, a war on women Did he forget the times we live in? Shaky Ground, Shaky Ground These times, so dark One thing is for sure, It’s ignited a spark A spark of a party, Big dogs in the fight Put it together, We the people; We have might A might much stronger, than canceling flights I will be a hand to hold, I will help you stand and fight For we are in this mess together, we have made this plight Shaky Ground, Shaky Ground, together we have found A unity in chaos, and it’s crazy no doubt, But together we stand, We will end this drought My gay brothers and sisters, and minorities alike; I’ll be with you hand and hand, I’ll continue to fight It’s people like you, That make the world go ‘round In fact you make it beautiful, That’s what I’ve found Shaky Ground, Shaky Ground Ourworld is hurting Our friends are scared The 1% has shunned, all those who’ve cared But now, I’ve burnt down my picket fence and together we’ve found, That Lady Liberty, Can’t be muzzled and bound Shaky Ground, Shaky Ground, but together we stand proud #nobannowall #notmypresident #putinsmiles #wethepeople #standtogether #ladylibertystaystrong #resist #shakyground #allarewelcome #collaboration #timetrap_portraits #annesteelepoetry #uniquecornproductionspoetry A collaboration with Anne Steele Artist Extraordinaire - Portland, Oregon

via Time Trap Photography

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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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