Sunday, March 5, 2017

Photography Inspiration, Mantras and Some Great Tuts

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It might be the weekend, but there are still plenty of wonderful photography stories and tuts worth taking a look at. These will keep you busy for you Sunday, but don’t forget to go out and shoot!

10 Tips How to Find Inspiration in Photography and Life
Dear friend, Here is how I find inspiration for my photography and life: First of all, I think you can find inspiration anywhere. You can find inspiration in a child walking for the first…
25 Mantras to Make You a Better Photographer - Resource
Some of them are bleak. Some of them are sassy. But Shiva knows creative types need some inspiration. The Buddhist definition of mantra is a sound, syllable or group of words that creates…
How I Ended Up Shooting Chef Portraits For Magazines
Since childhood looking at my grandpa’s Time Life magazines I always wanted to shoot editorial. Something about shooting for a magazine seemed legitimate to me. The work was real because…
Presetify Pop Pack
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Rabari - Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe
Learn travel portraiture from the best.
The Basics: How to Create Better Portraits With Instant Film
Instant Film photography is tougher than you’d think; but in the hands of the right photographer it isn’t only a fun creative challenge but also a rewarding one. Believe it or not,…
How to Use the Radial Filter in Lightroom (Video)
Have you ever wondered how to use the radial filter in Lightroom? Although we have covered it in depth in our Workflow and Post-Processing course, I thought it would be a good idea to share…
Birding in Antarctic waters
Birding in Antarctic waters by Jonathan Björklund ( Website | Instagram): With the on-going discussion about the future of Nikon, let’s not forget that the current cameras and lenses are…
Lightroom Quick Tips - Episode 86: Sepia Tone & More - Anthony...
by Anthony Morganti @AnthonyMorganti If you’re reading this in your email, click on the headline to view the video This is the 86th episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a quick…
Five Tips for Shooting Black and White Landscapes | Fstoppers
The next six months is prime time for shooting black and white landscapes, especially on those gloomy days which can add drama and “wow factor” to your images. I have some compelling…
First Image comparison between the Fuji GFX (Sony 50MP sensor)...
A7rII vs GFX ISO 100 comparison at 100% enlargement (Click on the image to see the orioginal size). I guess you were all curios to see if the 1.7 times larger Sony 50MP sensor of the Fuji…
A Photographer
The popularity of Iceland has exploded in the last few years. After the economic crash ended in 2011, they began to do something they’d never really done before. They invested in tourism….
Shortcuts That Shortchange Wildlife Photography - Outdoor...
Photography of wild animals is challenging. My own statistics depress me sometimes; roughly 90 percent of the time I head out to photograph wildlife, I end up with nothing. Mostly it’s…
20 Beautifully Simple Minimalist Architecture Photos - EyeEm Blog
In our recent Mission with art and design blog We and the Color, we asked you to show us the beauty of minimalism in architecture. Your submissions included loads of interesting colors,…
How to Plan a DIY Photography Retreat
Here’s an alternative idea for you on how to create your own DIY photography retreat. If you’re like me, the flood of emails about upcoming photography workshops that shows up in your…
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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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