Tuesday, April 25, 2017

15 Photographs That Make Excellent Use of These Five Composition Techniques

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Composition makes a photograph. A poor composition of a great subject may only result in an ordinary image at best. On the other hand, a strong composition – even if it’s of a rather ordinary subject – can help you create a truly exceptional image.

As a photographer, you should be aware of some compositional tools that you can use to your advantage and elevate your photos from ordinary to remarkable. These compositional tools range from the oft-cited ‘Rule of Thirds’ to others such as ‘Leading Lines’ and ‘Negative Space’.

This post is a collection of photographs that demonstrate great use of five important composition techniques – 1) Rule of Thirds (or) Golden Spiral, 2) Symmetry, 3) Leading Lines, 4) Patterns, and 5) Negative Space. Of course, there are many other composition techniques too and we will cover them in a follow-up post very soon.

We hope these photos serve as an inspiration to help you with photography composition!

Photo by Nick Kenrick

Photo by Nikos Koutoulas

Photo by Thomas Leuthard

You can read more about the Rule of Thirds here.

Photo by Thomas Leuthard

Photo by Tambako The Jaguar

Photo by Magdalena Roeseler

Photo by Georgie Pauwels

Photo by Broo_am (Andy B)

Photo by piotr mamnaimie

To learn more about ‘Leading Lines', read the article here.

Photo by J Brew

Photo by aotaro

Photo by Rosmarie Voegtli

To know more about how to use patterns in your composition, check out this article.

Photo by Helga Weber

Photo by Thomas Leth-Olsen

Photo by Thomas Leuthard

Read more about using ‘Negative Space' here.

Take Your Photography Composition to the Next Level

If you would like to improve your photography composition and learn concepts that go beyond the basics, we recommend Photzy’s best-selling guide Advanced Composition for an in-depth training on the subject. With this guide, you will learn how to see light, shadow, lines, curves, repetition and much more, and also develop the skills of anticipation, pre-visualization and timing. Click here now to check it out.

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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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