Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scott Kelby’s Tethering Setup, Light Painting With Fire, Better Sports Photography and More!

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Another interesting day of photography tutorials, articles and news. The much loved, Scott Kelby reveals his tethering setup which is something we get asked about a lot! Some exciting fire painting photography is also in the mix and there's a very informative series on sports shooting over at Photography Life which is worth a read! Enjoy the extra reading!

How a photographer created fantastic light painting with fire
“Playing with fire” denotes something dangerous and with a possible negative outcome. But in photography, playing with fire can be exactly the opposite. If you do it right, it can lead to…
My Current Setup For Shooting Tethered Into Lightroom
Happy Monday everybody! I'm out doing my Lightroom seminar tour this year (I'll be in Chicago and the Detroit area with my seminar next Monday and Tuesday respectively), and I get lots of…
Magic Lantern Gets 4K Video Working on the EOS 5D Mark III
It looks like Magic Lantern has done it again, this time proving that they can get 4K video recording onto the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.
Better Skies Set
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Above Canada and Greenland With NASA`s Operation IceBridge
Getty Images photographer Mario Tama just returned from the Arctic, after accompanying researchers with NASA's Operation IceBridge as they flew sets of eight-hour research flights above…
Taking Your Sports Photography Beyond Snapshots
This post is the second in a three-part series dedicated to teaching sports photography at all levels of competency. In part one I covered the basics for photographers who are just getting…
Wedding Photographer Finds New Purpose As Special FX Toy Photographer
After 6 years of photographing brides and grooms, Salt Lake City native Mitchel Wu found himself craving moments with his family. The life of a wedding photographer is definitely driven by…
Shooting portraits with flash vs natural light 
"Natural light photographers" is a strange term. To some it's a badge of honour, stating that they either don't need to use flash to get what they want, or that they simply don't like it…
26 Lessons Frank Lloyd Wright Has Taught Me About Art
Frank Lloyd Wright; genius maverick architect, who was one of the first leading ‘modernist' architects, who followed his gut: Some personal lessons he's taught me on photography, art, and…
Walden Pond: Where You Find More Selfies than Self Reflection
Walden Pond has never quite been the pristine, secluded wilderness Henry David Thoreau made it out to be in his book “Walden; or Life in the Woods.” The Fitchburg Railroad opened next to…
Sports Photography: How Most Pros Work
In sports photography, access is key. Without access, you won't succeed even if you have the most comprehensive array of lenses out there. So if you have access, you've already improved…
Nikon Unveils 100th Anniversary Cameras, Lenses, and... Other...
Those slick gun-metal gray Nikon 100th anniversary special-edition cameras and lenses we told you about at the end of February have officially arrived. As it turns out, people who want to…
Take a Visual Journey Through 7 of the World`s Smallest...
There are 195 independent countries in the world, and 17 of those are smaller than 200 square miles (322 km). To put it in context, that amount of land could fit inside Berlin 2.7 times;…
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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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