Monday, May 1, 2017

Instagram Alternatives, The Best Publications to Work For and 20 Poses for Portraiture – This is What’s Trending in Photography

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It's been a busy weekend in photography with some great reads popping up. There's even the story of a guy who put on his own photography competition… and won it (awkward!). Anyway, grab a coffee and get comfortable so you can get up to speed with what is happening in photography today!

Don`t Make a Hash of Instagram Hashtags  
How are you using your hashtags on Instagram? Instagram is still very much the current and next big thing. More and more brands are turning to Instagram to get their message across. They…
Five Instagram Alternatives for Photographers
Instagram's popularity with photographers is incomparable. What is essentially a free portfolio building app disguises itself as a powerful marketing tool to connect with prospective…
Photographer wins his own photo contest, causes outrage 
Photographer Sal Cincotta has recently been selected as the winner of ShutterFest photo contest in several categories. It wouldn't be strange if Cincotta himself weren't the owner of…
Premium Lightroom Presets
These presets will add some pop to your photographs.
Presets for Better Skies
Designed for getting the most out of your skies.
How to Use Monochrome Color in Photography
Although photography is relativity new in terms of history, color still provides us with the opportunity to convey meaning and draw the eye. Monochromatic pallets take color photography to…
How to Use Lightroom: A Complete Tutorial for Beginners
Adobe Lightroom is a massive, lumbering behemoth of photography software with enough functions and processes to make any photographer go crazy. At the simplest level, though, Lightroom was…
Photogs Reveal the Best Publications to Work for, and How Much 
The Columbia Journalism Review recently surveyed 30 veteran freelance photojournalists to find out what publications treat photographers best, and how much they pay. What they found is…
Workers Are Still Protesting Outside of B&H Photo Video
For over a year, workers at the B&H photo warehouses have been protesting for better treatment and for the creation of a Union. In fact, the issue has become so large that it's now been a…
(NSFW) Manu Cabanero`s Splash Wars II Continues to Pay Homage to Star Wars

(NSFW) Manu Cabanero's Splash Wars II Continues to Pay Homage to Star Wars

Photographer Manu Cabanero has been working on the Splash Wars series for a really long time now. Inspired by the fantastic work of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, Manu combined his love of the…
A $16,000 Photo Scanner vs. a $500 Scanner
I recently had a few prints made from some medium format negatives. The prints are for a specific purpose so I wanted them to be of the highest quality possible, this meant taking them to a…
Meet the Milky Way: A Timelapse Video Shot From the Cockpit
Sales Wick is an airline pilot, photographer, and film producer based in Switzerland who photographs the journeys of his many international flights on his website BeyondClouds. For his…
6 Lessons I`ve Learned After Shooting All the Expensive Cameras
Dear friend, I want to write you a letter about the lessons I've learned after shooting pretty much all the expensive cameras out there. First of all, I always had the wrong idea when I was…
20 Posing and Directing Cues For Portraiture
Words every client will say. “We're awkward, but we want to be natural, fun & romantic” We've just completed and released The Complete Posing Workshop, the ultimate course on posing and…
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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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