Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jinbei Studio Flash Units Recalled for Electrocution Risk

The Swiss government last month issued a recall for ten models of Jinbei studio flash units. While the recall notice has made the rounds on message boards, I am frankly surprised that photo media outlets have not picked this up.

Jinbei is a China-based manufacturer of studio and small-flash lighting gear. I have reached out to them with the following questions:

1. Are these same model and design flashes being sold in other countries in spite of the Swiss recall?
2. Have there been any other country-specific recalls of Jinbei flashes?
3. Should owners of Jinbei flashes not covered under the Swiss recall consider their flashes to be safe?

I will update this post when representatives from Jinbei respond.

Below is an English machine translation of the Swiss government recall notice. The original notice is here.

ESTI - Foto-Morgen GmbH recalls studio flashes Jinbei

Berne, Switzerland, April 13th, 2017 - In cooperation with the Federal Inspectorate of High Current Installations (ESTI), Foto-Morgen GmbH recalls studio flashes of the Jinbei brand. There is an increased risk of electrocution, which can result in death. The devices in question must no longer be used and Foto-Morgen GmbH undertakes to repair them free of charge.

Depending on the circumstances, the mains voltage applied to the ignition wire of the flash tube of the device is 230v. When the flash is switched on, there is a risk of electric shock which can cause death in the event of contact Of the priming wire with the hands or a conductive material.

The following series of flashes are affected by the product recall, with all powers combined:

▪ Jinbei DPL Studio Flash
▪ Jinbei ECL and ECD studio flash
▪ Jinbei Pilot Studio Flash
▪ Jinbei D-250 Studio Flash
▪ Jinbei Spark Studio Flash
▪ Studio Flash Jinbei MSN
▪ Jinbei DP and DP II Studio Flash
▪ Studio flash w/integrated Jinbei DP III radio receiver

The appliances concerned must no longer be used and must be disconnected. Customers who have purchased their product from Foto-Morgen GmbH are asked to send a purchase confirmation to the company electronically. They will then get a postage-paid label for the free return of the device, which will be repaired at no additional cost by Foto-Morgen GmbH and returned to customers within about 18 days. No refund of the purchase price is expected.

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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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