Monday, April 24, 2017

Insta Banning Bots, Ignoring Critics, Big Brands Stealing Photos and More…

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A very interesting day in the photography world with a lot of buzz created over the weekend with Instagram shutting down a botting service, a big brand stealing a photographer's work (and copping a big backlash) and a piece of advice about what you consider from art critics. Grab a coffee and enjoy!

Why You Should Ignore Photography and Art Critics
Dear friend, Never let anyone critique your photos- especially if they're not a photographer. Society doesn't need any more commentators or critics. I only pay attention to the feedback and…
How to Shoot and Stitch a Panorama Photo
Follow these steps for how to shoot and then stitch several source images into a stunning panorama photo.
Using Selective Color in Photoshop
Don't worry, we're not about to turn an image black and white save for one spot. The Selective Color tool is one of the most powerful ways to precisely and efficiently make targeted…
Antarctic Raw - How to Take a Photo from Raw to Ready for Stock
Learn the art of post production from a working stock photographer.
Presetify Pop Pack
Add some pop to your images in Lightroom with these presets.
Instagram Shuts Down Prominent Bot Service
Score one for authentic interaction. Today, Instagress, a prominent Instagram bot service, shut their doors after being “requested” to do so by Instagram. It's no secret that bots have…
What Makeup Artists Wish Photographers Knew
Makeup artists are an invaluable part of the creative team for many photographers. In fact, there are certain genres of photography that rely so heavily on makeup artists that we simply…
Note To All Major Brands: Just Because A Photo Is Online Doesn`t...
There are truly people out there who believe that if a photo on is on the internet, it's up for grabs; that if you find a photo in a Google image search it's public property. They will use…
How to Fix Underexposed Portraits
One of the first things that new photographers find when they try to take portraits against a sky or other bright background is that their subjects come out seriously underexposed. If this…
The 3 Biggest Lies You`re Told About Photography
Dear friend, Here are some lies that were spoon-fed me in photography, and I will debunk them for you: The first #1 sucker belief (that suckered me, and still suckers me today) – that…
Copyright & Censorship on Instagram: How Marie Claire Stole My...
Yesterday I found out that one of my photos was misused, stolen if you ask me, by a major international company. Sadly this type of thing is so common that it's almost not worth writing…
How to photograph live music - Amateur Photographer
I normally get to the venue around 4pm, although that can sometimes be as early as midday if I'm setting up remote cameras for the shoot. Once in the venue, I set up a secure production…
Best UK landscape photography locations for a weekend break -...
Thinking of packing up your kit bag and escaping for a weekend break while also getting some great shots? If you're stuck for where to go, have a look at some of these superb locations…
How to Tell If You Are Affected by the Instagram Shadow Ban
The topic of Instagram shadow banning users has been a hot topic for the last couple weeks. Some people think it's a real thing while others don't. The problem is that there was no way to…
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Time Trap Photography is dedicated to freezing those special moments in life that can be revisited and admired for generations to come. - Shannon Bourque

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